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We help chambers of commerce build a stronger,
more meaningful relationship with your members.


Momentum has negotiated a number of revenue-generating member value programs, perfectly aligned with your mission as a chamber of commerce.

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Momentum’s virtual ambassador training will help your ambassadors understand why they’re there, and offer them tips and best practices to help them excel in the role.

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Momentum works directly with chambers of commerce, helping them to better understand what’s important to their members, and creating a stronger relationship with them.

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Momentum is an authorized U.S. dealer for TechCards, NFC-enabled digital business cards to take your brand to the next level.

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Momentum has partnered with Analytics to offer access to their award-winning Diligence™ lead generation platform to chambers and associations around the U.S. and Canada.

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Let’s start increasing your ROI for dollars you’re already spending, and put new $$ to work for you. Sponsorship marketing works, and we’ll show you how.

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Strategizing Your Chamber of Commerce Membership(s) in 2024

Since we’ve started putting out content related to making the most of your chamber of commerce investment several years ago, our most viewed blogs have always been our “Chamber Prep for the Upcoming Year” entries. Well, guess what? As much as no one wants to hear it, it’s already time to talk about 2024. That means a lot of things

Your Marketing Budget: Surgical Spending

When it comes to spending marketing dollars, we don’t always put the same emphasis on different places where we can spend money. We all do it. I’ll admit it, and you can, too. I can speak for myself… Over the years, I have wasted a bunch of money on social media marketing, and have zero to show for it. It’s

What is Your Chamber of Commerce Doing Because You’re Supposed to Do It vs. What Are You Doing that Has Impact?

The speed of business is insane – and for a chamber of commerce, taking care of hundreds or even thousands of members, even more so. This is an “it is what it is” concept, and chamber teams everywhere and every day work to figure out ways to make it work. But, being excessively busy comes with a couple realities: You

About Us

Momentum bridges the gap between chambers of commerce and their members, working to make sure that each knows how the other defines a valuable membership experience.

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data, big data, lead generation, analytics, chamber of commerce, chambers of commerce, momentum, rel8ed, diligence, diligence leadsMomentum has partnered with Rel8ed, a Coface Company, to create the Diligence Leads program, a powerful “Big Data” tool for chambers of commerce and their members. Your members can access a database of 125MM+ companies worldwide with the easy-to-use Diligence portal, and have access to Rel8ed’s team of data scientists for customized data research. Diligence Leads serves your biggest to your smallest members, and offers significant non-dues revenue opportunity for your chamber. For more information, visit:


techcards, business cards, digital business cards, momentum, chamber of commerce, chambers of commerce, networkingMomentum and TechCards™ have partnered on your next member benefit program – a new, innovative mobile marketing platform to take your members’ sales and business development efforts to the next level. For Chambers of Commerce, TechCards™ provides a new, innovative solution for your members that will not only attract attention, but can be up-and-running in less than a week.  TechCards’™  partnership with Momentum offers you a recurring revenue generation resource for you when your members sign up. For more information, visit: