With experience at the chamber and in chamber leadership, and working with chamber members in markets across the U.S. and Canada, Momentum is in a unique position to help chambers of commerce strengthen their operations, value proposition and long-term outlook. We understand what members of all sizes need to see in terms of ROI, and are able to integrate that into the wide array of things a chamber must cover on a daily basis. We focus on strategy, tactics, communications and working toward real-world results (including recognizing post-pandemic realities) for your chamber of commerce.

Strategic Planning

Through eight years working for the regional chamber of commerce in Western New York, serving in chamber board leadership, and his work with Momentum, Craig Turner (LinkedIn) has worked on almost every aspect of the chamber of commerce business (including two years in the trenches on chamber health insurance – time he says he’ll “never get back”!). With that background, Momentum works with chambers of commerce on strategic planning and strategic plan implementation, with a focus on marrying the big picture chamber activity that needs to be accomplished with member value and long-term sustainability.

Chamber of Commerce Member Value

Momentum’s forte is bridging the gap between chambers of commerce and their members. Since we work so closely with chamber members, and purchase memberships and sponsorships for ourselves and our clients with an eye for ROI, various chambers has asked us to work with them on optimizing the conversation they’re having with their members. We know that the value a chamber provides is not always 100% a fit with what members need, and we also know that if you knew what made your members tick, you’d go out of your way to give them exactly what they need. Momentum fills that void by helping you to find real-world and data-driven solutions, strengthening your value proposition to members and making renewals, and a long-term relationship with you, a no-brainer for them.

Government Affairs for chambers of commerce

While with the regional chamber of commerce in Western New York for eight years, Momentum President Craig Turner ran government affairs, including federal, state and local advocacy. Currently, he chairs the Advocacy Committee for the Niagara USA Chamber of Commerce, and works with chambers of commerce on both implementing and strengthening their government affairs and public policy capabilities. In addition, Craig has been a political consultant and strategist for more than 20 years, and works with chambers of commerce on political action, business-friendly candidate recruitment and optimizing their political capital. 





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