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Momentum specializes in helping companies create a chamber of commerce strategy, to get the most ROI from their memberships. One of the tools we use is our Member Value Workshop, which can be presented in-person or virtually for chambers of commerce, and is designed to explore members’ goals in a conversational, group setting.

What is a Chamber of Commerce Member Value Workshop?

During the Member Value Workshop, Momentum president Craig Turner leads 12-15 companies through development of a personalized membership plan, including:

  • Identifying Your Membership Goals
  • Matching Your Priorities with Your Chamber’s Programs
  • Creating a Membership Action Plan

Essentially, the workshop is a micro version of Momentum’s client onboarding – a high-level look at why your members spent the money and time to join in the first place. In a group setting, chamber members have the chance to discuss their growth strategies with peers and chamber staff, leading to the added benefit of networking and referral opportunities.

Momentum’s Member Value Workshop can be delivered in-person or virtually (though, as with anything, in-person is much more effective).

Why Should Chambers Host a Member Value Workshop?

The Member Value Workshop helps chambers get to know their members better, and gain a better understanding of how to help them grow. We call it “Membership 101 on Steroids,” and it’s a great tool for companies looking to take full advantage of their chamber investment. We believe that spending 90 minutes on this exercise directly helps chambers of commerce gain first-hand insight on how to deliver value to individual members, to ensure renewals, increased investment and long-term relationships.

Who Should Attend?

The Member Value Workshop is best utilized by chamber members who are looking to get “more involved” in their chamber, for exposure, opportunity and to grow their network in a meaningful way. While most of our participants tend to be SMEs, we find the exercise is equally as fruitful for the largest chamber members, who may historically have supported the chamber for reasons other than ROI (e.g. “good corporate citizen), and want to begin to maximize their value.


Chambers of Commerce!!! Want to get to know your members better, and learn exactly what they need to make their membership renewal a no-brainer? Set up a 15-minute Zoom call with us, and let’s talk about hosting a Member Value Workshop!






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