Momentum Membership Programs for Chambers of Commerce



Momentum – The Business Growth Agency works with chambers of commerce to develop member benefit programs that create definitive member value while offering revenue opportunity.


chamber of commerce, chambers of commerce, chamber, networking, sales, business developmentMomentum’s partnership with TechCards allows you to offer your members a forward-thinking networking tool – digital business cards – optimizing their engagement through your chamber, building brand loyalty for you and creating a recurring revenue stream that’s perfectly aligned with your mission. For more information, visit

Diligence Leads

chamber of commerce, chambers of commerce, momentum, membership, data, data analytics, big data

Momentum has partnered with Rel8ed, a Coface Company to offer access to their award-winning Diligence™ lead generation platform to chambers and associations around the U.S. and Canada. Organizations that participate as a partner will not only have the opportunity to provide their members a best-in-class lead generation platform at a special, negotiated price, but will also be given access to the platform, to help grow their memberships.* If your member companies graduate to bigger, more customized data packages, rel8ed will pay commissions to the organizations for their referral. For more information, visit

U.S. Drop and Ship

chamber of commerce, chambers of commerce, chamber, networking, sales, business developmentIn this partnership between the South Niagara Chambers of Commerce and Way-Bri Express, SNCC members can drop their U.S.-bound parcels off at the chamber and have them inducted into the U.S. postal system the very same day, saving both time and money. For more information:

The Campaign Coach Scholarship Program

chamber of commerce, chambers of commerce, chamber, networking, sales, business developmentThe Campaign Coach Scholarship Program, created by Momentum President Craig Turner, was designed specifically for chambers of commerce, to help you have an impact in local politics that will hopefully yield long-term results for your causes. Local elected officials become county, state and federal elected officials, and your support of their candidacies early in their careers (a) can be critical to them getting early election victories; and (b) won’t be forgotten. We’ll help you do it.

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