Bridging the gap between chambers of commerce and their members

After spending eight years with the regional chamber of commerce in Western New York, Craig Turner, President of Momentum – The Business Growth Agency has spent nearly a decade working with small and medium-sized businesses, helping them navigate chambers of commerce and business associations across the U.S. and Canada to grow their businesses.

Craig’s years at the chamber of commerce, and now serving as executive for two other membership-based business associations, give Momentum a unique perspective on the chamber of commerce/member relationship. He’s spent a great deal of time recruiting members, keeping current members happy, and hunting down sponsorship dollars. But on behalf of our business clients, we track down relationships, opportunities and value that memberships and sponsorships are intended to provide.

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Momentum bridges the gap between chambers of commerce and their members,
working to make sure that each knows how the other defines a valuable membership experience.

Momentum for Chambers of Commerce

Momentum’s chamber of commerce network runs far-and-wide, touching all parts of the U.S. and Canada. In addition to bringing new members your way, we offer an array of services including virtual ambassador training, member benefit programs, chamber consulting and the IT’S ALL ABOUT WHO YOU KNOW Podcast (Web | Apple | Google | Spotify | Stitcher).

We know that chambers of commerce have hundreds, even thousands, of members, and that if you were able, you would provide personalized service to each and every one of them. But you can’t. It’s not possible. So we focus on educating companies on how to communicate with their chambers, and helping them to build strategies that make it easier for you to provide them value.

Momentum is headquartered in Tonawanda, NY. We work with companies and chambers of commerce anywhere in the U.S. or Canada (and we pulled off Mexico for a client once, too!).


For our business clients who are members in these organizations, Craig works with you to develop, optimize and implement a spending strategy that will yield results! We have relationships with chambers of commerce and other business associations across the U.S. and Canada, and know the science of how to utilize them to meet your company’s growth goals. Check out our video on how we work with your members:


We believe that every dollar you spend on memberships and sponsorships should bring back new relationships, new networks, new business and, most importantly, Momentum.




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