Does your chamber of commerce do webinars?

Whether they’re presented for education, discussion on timely topics, or just an opportunity to bring people together for forward-thinking conversation, webinars are an important tool for your chamber of commerce to provide value for their members and the community.

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At Momentum, we believe we believe that, from a staff perspective, creating and presenting webinars is easy… And provides some of the best ROI of any activity you can do on a daily basis, in the pursuit of serving your members. 

The goal of this page is to help you by curating specific, viable and engaging webinar topics/

We hope you can see them as a viable part of your programming. 

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We encourage you to take advantage, and if you ever need help with where to go from here, let us know!

Chamber of Commerce Webinar Ideas

APRIL 2024

Cultivating a Positive Workplace Culture in Hybrid Environments

Speakers: Human Resources Manager, Organizational Psychologist, CEO of a company successfully operating a hybrid workplace.
Overview: This webinar will explore effective strategies for fostering a positive and inclusive culture in hybrid work environments. It will address challenges such as maintaining communication, ensuring equal opportunities for remote and in-office employees, and cultivating a sense of community across physical distances.

Mastering LinkedIn: Navigating the New Algorithm for Business Success

Speakers: Digital Marketing Strategist, Social Media Manager, LinkedIn Analytics Expert
Overview: This session delves into the significant changes LinkedIn made to its algorithm in spring 2023 and the lessons learned since. It will provide practical tips on creating content that resonates with the new algorithm, understanding the analytics for better engagement, and strategies to enhance visibility and networking opportunities on the platform.

Building a Customer-Centric Business Model: Integrating UX Principles

Speakers: User Experience (UX) Designer, Customer Relations Expert, Entrepreneur who has successfully implemented UX
Overview: In this webinar, we’ll explore how integrating User Experience (UX) principles can transform your business into a customer-centric model. It will cover the importance of understanding customer needs and behaviors, designing user-friendly interfaces, and how a strong UX strategy can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.



2024 Economic Outlook: Navigating New Trends and Challenges

Speakers: Chief Economist, Senior Policy Advisor, CEO of a Growing Startup
Dive into the key economic trends expected in 2024, exploring how they will impact various industries and what strategies businesses can employ to thrive. This session will provide insights into market forecasts, policy changes, and consumer behavior shifts.

Entrepreneurial Edge 2024: Seizing Emerging Business Opportunities

Speakers: Venture Capitalist, Innovation Consultant, Successful Serial Entrepreneur
: This webinar will focus on identifying and capitalizing on emerging business opportunities in 2024, with a special emphasis on innovative business models and technology-driven markets. Attendees will learn about the key sectors poised for growth and how to effectively position their ventures for success.

Social Media Savvy: Mastering 2024’s Trends and Platforms

Speakers: Social Media Strategist, Content Creation Specialist, Community Engagement Director
: This webinar will explore the evolving landscape of social media in 2024, focusing on new platforms, content strategies, and engagement tactics. Participants will gain knowledge on how to effectively use social media for branding, marketing, and building community engagement.

Maximizing AI for Small Businesses: Practical Applications and Strategies

Speakers: AI Technology Consultant, Small Business Owner, Ethics in AI Researcher
Explore the practical applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in small business operations. This webinar will delve into how AI can streamline processes, enhance customer engagement, and drive innovation. Attendees will learn about AI tools suitable for small businesses, how to implement them effectively, and ethical considerations in AI usage.

Leveraging Local: Strategies for Community-Centric Marketing

Speakers: Local Business Marketing Strategist, Chamber of Commerce Leader, Social Media Expert
This webinar will explore the power of community-centric marketing strategies for businesses. We’ll discuss how to effectively tap into local networks, create impactful local partnerships, and use location-based marketing to drive engagement and loyalty. Attendees will learn how to harness the unique strengths of their local communities to enhance their marketing efforts.

2024 Marketing Trends Forecast: Staying Ahead of the Curve

Speakers: Futurist Marketing Analyst, Digital Marketing Innovator, Consumer Behavior Specialist
Overview: Get a jump on 2024 with this forward-looking webinar on emerging marketing trends. We’ll cover anticipated shifts in consumer behavior, emerging digital marketing tools, and strategies for adapting to the evolving marketing landscape. This session aims to equip businesses with insights and strategies to stay competitive and innovative in 2024 and beyond. 

Leveraging User-Generated Content for Authentic Engagement

Speakers: Social Media Strategist, Branding Consultant, Community Manager
Overview: Learn how to tap into the power of user-generated content (UGC) to build brand authenticity and drive customer engagement. This webinar will offer actionable steps to encourage your community to create and share content, and how to integrate this content into your marketing strategy effectively.

The Psychology of Team Dynamics: Understanding and Navigating Conflict

Speakers: Organizational Psychologist, Human Resources Director, Conflict Resolution Specialist
Overview: Conflict in the workplace is inevitable, but it can be managed and even leveraged for organizational growth. This session will delve into the psychology of team dynamics, providing actionable tools for identifying conflict types and implementing effective resolution strategies.

Understanding Customer Lifetime Value for Strategic Prospecting

Speakers: Sales Director, CRM Specialist, Data Analyst
Overview: Learn how to optimize your customer acquisition strategies by calculating and leveraging Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). This webinar will guide you through the steps to quantify CLV accurately and then use that information for targeted prospecting and sales efforts.

The Employee Experience: Crafting a Workplace People Don’t Want to Leave

Speakers: HR leaders, organizational psychologists
Overview: Discuss the importance of creating an engaging and fulfilling workplace experience, from onboarding to professional growth opportunities, and how that directly impacts retention rates.

Social Media Algorithms Unveiled: Mastering Reach and Engagement

Speakers: Social media strategists, data scientists
Overview: Understand how different social media algorithms work and learn actionable strategies to maximize reach and engagement among your target audience.

Building Trust in a Digital Age: Transparency, Authenticity, and Credibility

Speakers: Trust consultants, cybersecurity experts
Overview: Explore how to build and maintain trust, particularly when the initial meeting might be virtual, focusing on credibility markers and transparent communication.


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