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Your chamber of commerce can put the power of “Big Data”
into your members’ hands, and make non-dues revenue doing it!

by Craig W. Turner

Let me tell you about the most powerful non-dues revenue chamber of commerce program that’s come your way since health insurance…

I’m not over-embellishing.

I’ve been in the chamber world for 17 years, and know, just like you do, that member programs come and go.

I lobbied in Albany and Washington to help keep chamber health insurance programs alive when Congress was building Obamacare. I know first-hand how important non-dues revenue is for chambers.

Given what Momentum does, and our chamber of commerce network, companies regularly approach us with ideas for non-dues revenue programs to help pitch to chambers.

Because so many ideas fail in this arena, we are very selective to take something on.

Which is why we have just a few… In this blog, we’re talking about what we see as the most powerful one: Diligence Leads.

Diligence Leads “Big Data” Program for Chamber of Commerce Members

#chamberofcommerce #chambersofcommerce #data #BigData #momentum #membership #networking #Rel8ed #Coface #analytics #dataanalyticsThe Diligence Leads program, created in collaboration with Rel8ed Analytics (a Coface Company), meets all the criteria necessary for a successful chamber of commerce affinity program. Diligence Leads:

  • Provides definitive and exclusive value for your members (you can only get Diligence Leads through a participating organization);
  • Offers significant non-dues revenue potential – enough that you’ll actually want to spend time and effort on selling it;
  • Requires minimal work from you – we take care of everything, from promotion through sign-up through billing through participation… All you need to do is tell your members and your community about it.

Diligence Leads Offers Chamber of Commerce Members Options

Rel8ed’s program, while customizable, is fairly simple, and comes in three levels:

Diligence Basic

Rel8ed’s database (as of today) includes more than 150 million companies globally. They have pioneered a platform, called Diligence, where companies can search through as many of those companies as they’d like – with data curated from many different public sources. There’s training, then they’re free to roam. Annual Subscription – $600.

Diligence Gold

This is the sweet spot, and what sets Rel8ed apart from other Big Data companies. At the Gold level, your members work directly with Rel8ed’s data scientists, AND their powerful AI algorithms, to produce target prospect lists that are as close to ideal as we can get – each month a new list, completely customizable. Diligence Gold also includes an open door for two-way communication and feedback – a critical component of optimizing data for your members. Annual Subscription: $595 set-up, $200/month after.

Diligence Enterprise

aka Custom Projects. Rel8ed’s data isn’t just about prospecting lists. Rel8ed has done (and continues to do) major data analytics projects for both the U.S. and Canadian governments, as well as name brand global companies, using best-in-class AI combined with human-driven data analysis. Their parent company, Coface, a global trade insurance leader, in fact, was a client before knowing that they needed Rel8ed’s services in-house. Enterprise is where there is almost unlimited non-dues revenue potential for chambers of commerce. Your largest members, your partner organizations, your government and quasi-government agencies – they all do data projects. We want them to do them through YOU, and your partnership with Rel8ed Analytics.

For more information, and for registration information, check out the Diligence Leads for Associations overview here

These options are flexible to your members’ needs. The interaction between you, Rel8ed and your member, will almost never remain what it is on day one. The AI is consistently advancing, companies’ real-world needs are in motion, and each day Rel8ed adds additional relevant data to its database.

Your Chamber of Commerce Should Get to Make Smarter Decisions, Too

We’ve talked about what your members get – here’s what the chamber gets:

  • Just for signing on with the Diligence Leads program and promoting it to members, your chamber gets a free subscription to the Diligence portal, and a curated membership prospecting list.
  • For all subscribers that come through your chamber at the Gold or Enterprise level, your chamber gets 5% commission. That includes any custom projects referred through your chamber, many of which have the potential to be six-figure data programs.
  • Because of Momentum’s partnership with Rel8ed, you get all of the promo items done for you: from newsletter blurbs to tweets to on-going content on why using data going forward is so important. (In my experience with chambers, member programs are woefully under-promoted – that will not happen with Diligence Leads).

Diligence Leads is Easy to Set Up

What’s the ask today? 15 minutes.

We can get your chamber up-and-running with Diligence Leads in less than 48 hours. But you’re not there yet.

Give me a 15-minute Zoom call to show you how you can put an incredibly powerful tool in the hands of your members and community… And make significant non-dues revenue doing it.


Check out our guide for chambers of commerce on “How to Sell Diligence Leads” here.