I’ve finally thought of a great metaphor to demonstrate exactly where Momentum’s work fits into the sales process. The concept for this blog came to me around the Holidays, and I’ve been chipping away at it, waiting for the right moment to post. What’s cool is that, even though I started with Momentum, the analogy is not a sales pitch,

When it comes to the evolving landscape of chamber of commerce marketing and communications, I’ve been contemplating an important question this year: Does nuance – the power of language – matter anymore? As a fan, I like to believe it still does. Check this out: Join us Wednesday morning for a panel on Understanding the State’s New 2024 HR Regulations.

The speed of business is insane – and for a chamber of commerce, taking care of hundreds or even thousands of members, even more so. This is an “it is what it is” concept, and chamber teams everywhere and every day work to figure out ways to make it work. But, being excessively busy comes with a couple realities: You

How’s your chamber of commerce’s relationship with your members? Really… If you asked them, Rotten Tomatoes style, what kind of a score would they give you? Is that a scary question, or one you’d go ahead and roll the dice on? Knowing that every one of your hundreds, or even thousands, of members has their own individual view of what

Your chamber of commerce can put the power of “Big Data” into your members’ hands, and make non-dues revenue doing it! by Craig W. Turner Let me tell you about the most powerful non-dues revenue chamber of commerce program that’s come your way since health insurance… I’m not over-embellishing. I’ve been in the chamber world for 17 years, and know,