Since we’ve started putting out content related to making the most of your chamber of commerce investment several years ago, our most viewed blogs have always been our “Chamber Prep for the Upcoming Year” entries. Well, guess what? As much as no one wants to hear it, it’s already time to talk about 2024. That means a lot of things

When it comes to spending marketing dollars, we don’t always put the same emphasis on different places where we can spend money. We all do it. I’ll admit it, and you can, too. I can speak for myself… Over the years, I have wasted a bunch of money on social media marketing, and have zero to show for it. It’s

The speed of business is insane – and for a chamber of commerce, taking care of hundreds or even thousands of members, even more so. This is an “it is what it is” concept, and chamber teams everywhere and every day work to figure out ways to make it work. But, being excessively busy comes with a couple realities: You

Earlier this month , we ran our first Momentum ChatGPT webinar, geared specifically for chambers of commerce, and focused on how you can use this exciting technology to save time, serve your members and grow your organizations. From the feedback we received, it’s clear we have to do more of this. I’m thinking not just for chambers of commerce, but

How’s your chamber of commerce’s relationship with your members? Really… If you asked them, Rotten Tomatoes style, what kind of a score would they give you? Is that a scary question, or one you’d go ahead and roll the dice on? Knowing that every one of your hundreds, or even thousands, of members has their own individual view of what

I just built a full webinar series for 2023-24 in about an hour. At Momentum, we are big believers in the webinar series as a powerful mechanism for chambers to connect with their members. But webinars are a particularly effective tactic to help provide value to your smallest members – the ones that might not get the highest level of