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So, why, if we run a popular paid chamber of commerce webinar on Stepping Up Your Chamber’s AI Game, would we do a blog on the same topic, and give away some of the secret sauce? Well…

  • Firstly, it’s important. If you’re not utilizing AI to make your chamber stronger, all signs say that you’re falling behind.
  • Our webinar is only $25 to participate – and we believe what we teach you in that webinar can save you at a minimum 4-5 hours per month. If you’re making $50/hour, that’s upwards of a 10x investment.
  • As chamber folks who have been through the webinar know, we have WAY too much content for a one-hour webinar anyway, so we might as well spill it over into the blog. (I’ll talk about this a little bit more further down)

About a year-and-a-half ago, we decided we were going to take this on: make the time and financial investment to learn all we could about burgeoning AI capabilities, to help create real-world uses that we could share with our network – both our chambers of commerce and small businesses.

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It was an exciting idea, but initially we had no idea the scope of what we’d gotten into.

The possibilities that this technology, which is growing and enhancing every day, has created just for our company, Momentum, are incredible.

As a result, at last count, we are saving upwards of 10 hours a month (that can be repurposed to higher-value activities) we’ve been able to take “some day” projects off of the scribbled napkin and make them reality, and AI has enabled us to have massive plans for 2024, with two new Momentum programs coming online soon.

Quick AI Basics for YOUR Chamber of Commerce

(I’m already familiar with ChatGPT – take me to the good stuff)

chamber of commerce, chambers of commerce, momentum, membership, networking, ai, generativeai, chatgpt, dalleThe first question we always get is the cost.

Well, for now – and we say for now because things are always in motion – you can use ChatGPT 3.5 absolutely free. Just go to, register for an account, and you’ll be up-and-running in a matter of minutes.

The current paid version, which they call ChatGPT Plus, runs on ChatGPT 4 (their most powerful version), and offers some incredibly useful upgrades, including the ability to:

  • “Train” the AI (generally) to perform tasks in the way you want them to be performed, e.g. voice, style, length, background information
  • Create images from text with DALL-E
  • Train GPTs to do specific tasks for you
  • Chat, and get responses, via voice
  • Have ChatGPT analyze uploaded images or documents (such as an Excel spreadsheet or PDF)

ChatGPT 4 is also much smarter and allows you to input longer prompts, but for the purposes of this blog, you can do everything we’re going to talk about with 3.5.

Is the ChatGPT Plus Right for Your Chamber of Commerce?

Why did we decide to make the investment, which is $20/month, to upgrade?

We actually use all of those additional services regularly for Momentum…

  • My ChatGPT knows me, how I write, what Momentum does, that our clients are chambers of commerce and their members, that I’m a Pirates of the Caribbean fan… And, as a result, can use that “knowledge” to do a better job of delivering results for me.
  • DALL-E/AI-created images have replaced any need I have for stock photos.
  • I’ve created personalized GPTs that act as my executive assistant, copywriters for specific clients of ours (trained on what’s important to them, individually), and to do technical writing (I’m an author, so I know that my real-life, human writing can sometimes be more flowery than what I need).
  • And… Probably the biggest for me, chatting by voice… I spend a significant amount of time driving the Interstate system to work with chambers all over, and the voice feature allows me to have get an awful lot done while I’m on the road – I use it mostly for strategy sessions.

Our recommendation for your chamber of commerce is to sign up for ChatGPT 3.5, get your feet wet, and down the road see if you need more.

Conversely, if you’re already using 3.5, and it’s proven to be a help, consider stepping up for the productivity advantages the Plus version offers.

Where is AI Right Now?

Some overarching points we use in our webinar to get the ball rolling:

  • Despite what you might hear in the news, AI is not taking over the world. Yet. In fact:
  • It’s the human/AI interaction that makes it worthwhile in the first place…. AI is a machine, and a human has to set that machine in motion. Which means:
  • The better a job that human does in setting the machine in motion, the better the results will be; Which is why:
  • “Prompt engineering” is becoming an incredibly sought-after skill.

What Does This Mean for You and Your Chamber of commerce?

Look… I’m a writer. An author. At first, it was VERY difficult for me to hand over the reins to a computer to write stuff for me.

It feels kinda icky. Like you shouldn’t be doing it.

But, here’s the reality… My guess is that you were not hired by your board of directors because of your abilities to spin beautiful prose.

You were hired to find solutions that will lead to the growth of your organization.

In that role, if you can demonstrate to your chamber of commerce board that, with ChatGPT, you can now take an activity that previously took you an hour and complete it in 30 seconds, with results that most people won’t be able to tell the difference… What would be their reaction to that?

In the end, I determined there are things, like the blog, like my novels, that it’s important for me to write.

Consequently, there are things like press releases, white papers and newsletters, for which time-saving technology is a useful solution.

A great real-world example I like to give is when someone you very much like sends you a note with a request that you have to say no to – happens an awful lot in the chamber of commerce world.

How long would you pine over that response before typing the first word, with thoughts in your head going every which direction, only to end up 45 minutes later with the exact language you would have typed at the beginning?

Here’s what we do:

  • Cut-and-paste the e-mail into ChatGPT and, with some direction on what we want to say, have the AI draft a response for us.
  • Edit to make sure we’re happy with it.
  • Send

Probably 60 seconds’ worth of effort.

That leaves you a lot of time to do higher-level activities (like recruiting members and selling sponsorships).

Let’s Get to the Good Stuff – Copywriting

Alright, enough rhetoric. Let’s talk about some prompt engineering that you can use right away to grow your chamber of commerce.

Copywriting is the most basic use of ChatGPT, the easiest to grasp – and probably among the most time-saving… So, that’s where we’ll focus.

You can literally have ChatGPT draft anything you need, and, again, the more specific a prompt you put in, the better the output will be.

Take for example:

“Write a blog about marketing”

ChatGPT will write you a blog about marketing. You’ll be getting the AI’s interpretation of marketing (which is based on its learning, i.e. the internet), in whatever style and length it thinks is appropriate.

Let’s step it up, though:

“Write a 400-word blog on marketing with TikTok.”

Now, we’ve narrowed it down, and given some better direction.

ChatGPT will do what you ask… A more succinct piece specifically highlighting opportunities and best practices using TikTok.

Now, let’s get done what we really need to get done:

“Write a 400-word blog directed toward a small business audience (chamber of commerce members) on how to use TikTok to connect with high school students and recent high school graduates to let them know about job opportunities they have available. Include guidance on messaging, targeting and how TikTok users interact. Make sure to use keywords “small business”, “workforce” and “hiring”. Optimize for SEO.”

Let’s see how that turns out (unedited):

How Small Businesses Can Use TikTok to Connect with Younger Workforce

In today’s fast-paced digital world, small businesses must adapt to new platforms to reach potential employees. With high school students and recent graduates increasingly turning to TikTok for entertainment and information, this platform presents an invaluable opportunity for businesses to showcase job opportunities. Here’s how small businesses can effectively use TikTok to connect with this younger workforce.

Understand the Platform

TikTok is more than just a space for viral dances and challenges; it’s a community where users engage with content that is authentic, creative, and relatable. For small businesses, this means stepping out of the conventional hiring ad format and embracing a more personal, engaging approach.

Develop Engaging Content

When creating content, focus on what makes your business unique. Is it the team culture, flexible work hours, learning opportunities, or growth potential? Use storytelling to highlight these aspects. Videos showcasing a day in the life at your business, employee testimonials, or fun workplace moments can resonate well with the younger audience.

Utilize Hashtags for Better Reach

Hashtags are a powerful tool on TikTok. Use relevant hashtags like #Hiring, #JobOpportunity, #CareerStart, and #SmallBusiness to increase the visibility of your content. Research trending hashtags that high school students and recent graduates are following and incorporate them into your posts.

Engage with the Community

TikTok is an interactive platform. Encourage user interaction by responding to comments, participating in relevant challenges, and maybe even creating your own branded challenge. Engagement builds a community around your brand, making it more attractive to potential employees.

Target Your Audience

TikTok’s advertising platform allows for targeted campaigns. Utilize this to reach the demographic you’re looking for – in this case, high school students and recent graduates in your area. Be clear about the job requirements and the value your business provides to young employees.

Showcase Career Opportunities

Remember, you’re not just offering a job; you’re presenting a career opportunity. Highlight how working with your small business can be the first step in a rewarding career path. Discuss training, mentorship, and career progression opportunities.

Stay Authentic and Consistent

Lastly, authenticity is key on TikTok. Younger audiences value genuineness over polished corporate messages. Be real about what it’s like to work at your small business and maintain a consistent posting schedule to keep your audience engaged.

By leveraging TikTok’s dynamic platform, small businesses can effectively reach out to a younger workforce, showcasing not just job openings but also the culture and opportunities that make them unique employers. With the right strategy, TikTok can become a vital tool in your hiring arsenal.


That’s actually kind of awesome. I love that blog. Feel free to steal it.

Saving Even More Time

But, we’re not done. No – I said you would save time.

Here’s our next prompt:

Draft posts for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter promoting the posting of this blog to our small business chamber members. Use relevant hashtags.”


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Hopefully, you’re starting to see the time-saving capabilities of ChatGPT can help your chamber of commerce.

Think of the many things you need to write throughout the week – blogs, social media posts, e-mails, newsletters, white papers, etc.

Using ChatGPT to get them done is not “handing things over”; on the contrary, we call it “tackling the blank page.”

For many professionals (if not most), that’s the hardest part of copywriting… After finally setting aside precious time to get the project done, getting those first ideas on the page.

What ChatGPT spits out likely won’t be your final product – you’ll want to edit and verify any information it provides (ChatGPT has been known to have inaccurate information from time to time), but it will definitely get you off-and-running.

One of the most helpful features of ChatGPT is that you can enhance your query if the response wasn’t what you were looking for, without having to type the whole thing over again.

Write me a limerick about airplanes.

There once was a plane in the sky
Soaring gracefully, oh so high.
With wings wide and sleek
Over mountains and creek
It danced with the clouds, saying “Hi!”

Oops, I meant helicopters.

A helicopter whirled in the breeze
Twirling above the tall trees.
With blades spinning fast
In the sky, vast and vast
It hovered with elegant ease.

This, in itself, is an incredible time-saving feature over search engines.

What’s Next?

In an effort not to write a 5,000-word blog, I’m going to wrap up.

If you’ve set up a ChatGPT account at, and you use these basics above, you can do plenty of damage.

The limits to the possibilities are really on you… Your creativity, and your ability to enunciate exactly what you want to get the best results. (For a PRO TIP, let this blow your mind for a second… Have ChatGPT write the prompt that will get you where you need to be, and then feed THAT to ChatGPT!)

I encourage you to hop on and experiment. Play. Have some fun. Use it to write poems roasting your team members or give it a bunch of ingredients and have it make a recipe for you. I’ve learned more usable things about the technology through nonsensical playing….


Can you rewrite the famous movie scene from Star Wars where Greedo confronts Han in the cantina, but have Greedo be a feisty Irish Dubliner, and Han Solo be a Southern gentleman?


Sure, I can rewrite that scene with the specified character adjustments. Here’s a reimagined version of the famous Star Wars cantina scene:

Scene: A bustling space cantina filled with an assortment of alien patrons. Amid the cacophony, at a dimly lit table, sits Han Solo, a charming Southern gentleman with a calm, easy-going demeanor. He’s approached by Greedo, a feisty Dubliner with a thick Irish accent and a fiery temperament.

Greedo (with a thick Irish brogue): “Han Solo! I’ve been lookin’ for ye. Ye owe Jabba a hefty sum, and he’s not one for waitin’, so he isn’t.”

Han (with a smooth Southern drawl): “Well now, Greedo, I do reckon I’ve got Jabba’s money. But y’know, business ventures can take a bit longer than expected down in these parts.”

Greedo (impatiently): “No more of your smooth talk, Han! Jabba’s run out of patience, and so have I. It’s time to pay up, or else you’ll be answerin’ to more than just me.”

Han (calmly, hand inching towards his blaster): “I do declare, Greedo, there’s no need to get all hot under the collar. I assure you, I’m good for the debt. How about we settle this over a friendly game of sabacc? Winner takes all.”

Greedo (sneering): “I’m not here to play games, Solo. You’ve had your chance. Now it’s time to face the consequences.”

Han (with a wry smile): “Greedo, Greedo… I always admired your spirit, but I reckon you’re barkin’ up the wrong tree here.”

[As Greedo reaches for his weapon, Han swiftly draws his blaster under the table and fires. Greedo slumps over, defeated. Han stands up, tosses a coin to the bartender, and tips his hat.]

Han: “For the damages. Keep the change, my good man.”

[Han exits the cantina, whistling a casual tune, as the scene fades.]

Let’s Put AI to Use to Grow Your Chamber of Commerce

If… We’ve whet your appetite, and you see the benefits of learning more, here are a couple possible directions for you:

  • We’ve set up a new, more advanced session (Stepping Up Your Chamber of Commerce’s AI Game) for Wednesday, January 24. In previous sessions, we’ve scraped the surface of the AI technology, while offering usable, tactical prompts and strategies. While they’ve been a comprehensive approach, we tend to run out of time. For our January session, we’re taking it up a level – and adding an extra half-hour to do so. We’ll delve into more advanced tactics, including creating workhorse GPTs, fine-tuning prompts to get exactly the results you need, and more hands-on learning (for this one, we’ll want you to have your ChatGPT account up-and-running already!). As usual: (1) we don’t test the prompts we use in the session ahead of time, so we get to see in real-time how the AI thinks; and (2) the tech is moving so quickly that every one of these we’ve done has been significantly different from the previous one. Hope you’re able to join the program!!!
  • We’ve been toying with the idea of setting up LinkedIn and Facebook groups specifically to talk about AI for Chambers, and feel like we’ve gotten enough interest to go ahead and do so. So, if your chamber of commerce would like to participate, here’s are the links to join: [LinkedIn | Facebook]. The goal will be to share best practices and examples relevant to the chamber of commerce business. We’ll do our part to keep it interesting and eye-opening, and I hope you’ll participate and share! See you there!

I hope this helped. Let’s keep the conversation going, and see how we can help your chamber of commerce can use tech to strengthen the conversation you’re having with your members in 2024.

Have a Happy New Year! See you in January!