So, why, if we run a popular paid chamber of commerce webinar on Stepping Up Your Chamber’s AI Game , would we do a blog on the same topic, and give away some of the secret sauce? Well… Firstly, it’s important. If you’re not utilizing AI to make your chamber stronger, all signs say that you’re falling behind. Our webinar

Since we’ve started putting out content related to making the most of your chamber of commerce investment several years ago, our most viewed blogs have always been our “Chamber Prep for the Upcoming Year” entries. Well, guess what? As much as no one wants to hear it, it’s already time to talk about 2024. That means a lot of things

When it comes to spending marketing dollars, we don’t always put the same emphasis on different places where we can spend money. We all do it. I’ll admit it, and you can, too. I can speak for myself… Over the years, I have wasted a bunch of money on social media marketing, and have zero to show for it. It’s

Imagine attending a chamber of commerce networking event, and having people come up to you all night saying, “I saw your car outside”… How powerful could that be? Does anyone remember the old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercials – “You put chocolate in my peanut butter!”? We entrepreneurs are consistently looking for ways to collaborate with other, seemingly unrelated, entrepreneurs

You’ve made the decision to join your chamber of commerce. Congratulations! You’ve taken a huge step in growing your business. At Momentum, our entire business model revolves around helping companies make the most of their chamber of commerce and business association memberships, so we’re thrilled for you. In fact, we’re so thrilled, we’ve put together some quick tips for you

We talk a lot in the blog and on the IT’S ALL ABOUT WHO YOU KNOW Podcast about our strong belief that spending marketing dollars with chambers of commerce is a smart investment. We believe it so much, in fact, that we built Momentum’s entire business model around the concept. Our clients have actually pulled investment away from other kinds