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I’ve finally thought of a great metaphor to demonstrate exactly where Momentum’s work fits into the sales process.

The concept for this blog came to me around the Holidays, and I’ve been chipping away at it, waiting for the right moment to post.

What’s cool is that, even though I started with Momentum, the analogy is not a sales pitch, but an important perspective on the sales process that I’ve derived from years of surrounding myself with exceptional people with experience and expertise in the science of selling.

What’s also cool, is the metaphor fits easily into our work with chambers of commerce.

Let’s tee off…

The Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament

It’s that time – you’re already getting your invites via e- and snail mail.

As a result, starting in just a few weeks (depending on where you are in the country), there will be scarcely a Thursday or Friday where you won’t have the option to put a chamber of commerce golf outing on your calendar.

For chambers, of course, these are essential components of the year’s programming calendar:

  • They bring in good revenue – often the biggest single revenue driver for the whole year.
  • They are an attractive event for higher-level titles among your membership – people who might not normally go to other “networking” events.
  • While they are a boatload of work for the chamber staff to put on, they’re fun, and a great way to bring their members together in a more relaxed, casual atmosphere.

Because of these three things, we generally encourage our clients to participate in golf tournaments throughout the summer.

The executives that tend to attend these events are really the value for the ticket price and giving up a day of work…

Consequently, it’s usually a fantastic audience for networking before and after the game play.

Of course, in that environment, the disclaimer we always give: You have to behave yourself… You’re not selling. That’s not what anyone is there for. You’re building relationships.

The “Scramble” Format

The reason I’m using the chamber of commerce golf tournament as an example (as opposed to a random round of golf) is because they are typically “scramble” format.

For the layperson, under “scramble” format, you don’t play from your last shot every time… After everyone in your foursome hits, you collaboratively choose who has the best next shot, and everyone plays from that spot.

For tournaments, there are practical reasons for this – it saves boatloads of time, keeps play moving.

Additionally, it also helps people who aren’t the best at golf to compete and have success throughout the round.

You know… Not feel intimidated playing with people who are much better.

It’s a great format, and I enjoy the teamwork and camaraderie it creates.

I’m not a very good golfer, but I generally contribute to the team enough times throughout a day that I walk away feeling fulfilled and a part.

Within that teamwork, though, is what I really like about the format…

That’s the strategy that goes into building a team, and playing each hole.

There are a number of different shots to make on every hole, utilizing tools in your golf bag.

Some golfers are going to be better at each type of shot.

So, building your team around that premise yields results.

A team with four big hitters that can’t putt will not compete as well against a team that has the four skills covered: (1) Driver; (2) Long iron; (3) Short iron; (4) Putter.

For us, this correlates directly… with sales.

Chamber Golf Tournaments and Sales

Let’s dig into the different shots and skillsets needed in a chamber of commerce “scramble” format golf tournament.

You’ll start to see where they correlate with the sales process.

And… Why building your team and processes to cover all of them is essential…

🏌️ The Driver – Your Marketing Strategy

This is where you’re casting a wide net – whether it’s your marketing program, your web site, your social media, networking, etc. In a scramble golf tournament, it is essential to have a big hitter on your team to set up the rest of the hole as best as possible.

Likewise, in sales, the wide net you cast needs to point you in the direction of the sale. You test the wind. Your tee height and position. This is your marketing strategy, your demographic research and your branding, all designed to set up the rest of the “hole” for you.


Hopefully, your big drive will have given you a better picture of the lay of the land, and this is where your data will support. Are you in the rough? On a hill? Are there sand traps or water in between you and the hole? You’re well on your way to your ultimate goal, but what tools can you use to take advantage of the environment?

Similarly, it’s the same with sales… Now that you have some clarity on who’s an “A” prospect, what science can you put into reaching them – and who on your staff or in your network can help you get there? With a better look at the situation, your cold-calling, networking and trade shows will yield better results.


Now, the game gets granular. The goal here is to set up your putt – your sales team – as close as possible for success. Get as close to the hole as you can. Make the next shot as easy as possible. Precision. Surgical.

This is where referrals come in. Strategic spending of marketing dollars (and time). You’ve told your story and pulled out who the best prospects are, then put yourself in reach of them. You can see the undulations in the green, and the ominous sand trap to the right – the challenges your prospect faces in growing their business. Let’s put this thing a foot from the hole and make the sale.


Close the sale. Everything that we’ve already done has gone into making the sale as seamless as possible. The better a job we did in the earlier stages – the better the position in which we’ve put our team and our referral network… The easier that birdie is going to be.

As a result, you’ve gotten closer to your prospect – now your sales team can use their individual skillsets: charisma, product knowledge, intuition – you know, the stuff you hired them for (nobody ever hired a sales person because of their CRM mastery over personality) – to make the deal.


I love this analogy. It makes so much sense to me.

And – back to where we started at the top – it’s because I can so clearly see where Momentum fits into the process.

How Momentum Supports the Sales Process

sales, momentum, chamber of commerce, chambers of commerce, golf, sales process, prospecting

We’re the short iron.

Incidentally, and I’d love to research the science of this from a psychological perspective, short iron is where my contributions come in most handy in every scramble tournament I play.

(I even won closest-to-the-pin twice in my last few tournaments! Crazy!)

In the sales process, though, the short iron is where Momentum thrives.

Our job is to get our clients as absolutely close to their “A” prospects as we possibly can.

How? We incorporate everything they’ve invested in to get them to us… Advertising, data, cold calling… Everything.

When we’ve defined exactly who the target audience is… We go get ‘em.

I always point to one of my favorite movies, Hitch – where Kevin James is in love with Amber Valetta, and Will Smith coaches him on a multi-faceted strategy to get into her field of vision?

Similarly, when our clients come to us with their target audience… That’s exactly what we do. We…

–> Find out where they hang out (chambers, business associations, etc.)

–> Build a strategy and budget to get direct access to them, and

–> Help create the environment and tools necessary to do so (content, referrals, etc.)

Then, we turn it over to their sales team to putt it in.

Target Audience FOR SALES – Macro and Micro

We use two methods to identify that target audience:

  1. The target audience is specific companies or people
  2. The target audience is a type of company or person (e.g. industry or job title)

We’ve had clients join a chamber of commerce in another market for one specific whale prospect, and work the relationship with that goal.

Consequently, we have clients join specific organizations because there’s a critical mass of their “A” prospects within the membership.

Then, we create a big presence to get their attention (sponsorship, speaking roles, etc.).

Just like in the golf tournament, when we pull a club out of the bag (spend money or time), we’re already close enough to have a good idea what ROI it’s going to bring back.

The best thing is… It works.

In fact, it works over and over and over again.

Our “Short Game” is Actually a “Long Game”

Caveat, though… Even though I’m likening our services to what golfers call their “short game,” networking through chambers of commerce and other business associations is very much a long game.

Rarely do you walk into your first networking event, meet the person you want to meet, and sell them something.

Not saying it can’t happen, but the odds are against you – so, it shouldn’t be your approach.

Accordingly, get in, meet the right people, and build the foundation for a long-term, mutually-beneficial professional relationship.

We’ll show you how.

19th Hole

Of course, everyone knows the best part of any tournament is getting back to the clubhouse and comparing notes over cocktails.

I laugh, because my go-to team is usually around the same score, -5, -6, each time, and we come back feeling like we might have contended.

But, there’s always that one ringer team that’s 21 under par, that makes you rip up your scorecard and transfer your hopes on to the basket raffles.

I’d be willing to wager – back to my amateur science – that team is made up of good, effective salespeople, who have built their team to cover all the components needed for a successful golf hole… And sales process.

Either way, whether you’re THAT team, or the schleps who stumble in 8 strokes over and win the “We’re Trying” award (I can say “schleps,” because I’ve been there!), I hope you’ll think about this analogy, and how this system, that works so well for chamber of commerce scramble golf events, will help illuminate your sales process.


Need a reliable short iron in your sales “foursome” to get you closer to your prospects? Let’s talk. Set up a 15-minute Zoom with us, and we’ll walk you through how we get our clients closer to the pin